10 Deliciously Simple Lunch Ideas For Fussy Toddlers

Parents of toddlers know how difficult meal times can be when your little ones are refusing everything you’ve spent hours making.

fish fingers

Cooking healthy, low-salt and unprocessed food your toddler won’t turn their noses up at shouldn’t be a nightmare with these meal ideas they’ll love:

1 – Homemade ‘KFC’ style chicken fingers. Simply slice a chicken breast length ways, soak in an egg bath then roll in breadcrumbs and fry or roast in the oven until brown. Simple and delicious served with ketchup!

2 – Pitta pizza. Cover a wholemeal pitta bread in pizza sauce, sprinkle on a little cheddar and sweet cherry tomatoes and bake for 10 minutes or until the cheese as melted, your little ones will love them.

3 – Hasselback roasted potatoes. Not only do they look cool, they can be finger food and they only take a few minutes to cook if you microwave them first. Simply slice a jacket potato, microwave for around 10 minutes and oven roast for another 10. Kids can add whatever topping of their choosing and it will keep them full up until dinnertime.

4 – Fish fingers and sweet potato mash. A childhood classic! Make your own twist by coating cod in crunchy breadcrumbs and baking in the oven for 20 mins, serve with sweet potato mash and sweetcorn for a deliciously colourful dish.

5 – Savoury twists. Pre-made puff pastry is a godsend for busy mum’s and is great for making quick, easy lunches your toddler will enjoy as they can help choose the toppings. Simply cut into strips, twist, coat with an egg wash and simply add whatever topping you wish! Cheese and ham is a great crowd pleaser and will always go down well.

6 – Cheese and bean toastie. Quick, easy and delicious – especially nutritious if made with wholemeal bread.

7 – Pasta with tomato sauce. An oldie but a goodie! Can be chilled in the fridge too to take on picnics.

8 – Sweet potato stacks. Simply cut a sweet potato into slices, bake for around 15 minutes then top with bacon bits, sausages, ham, cheese and whatever else you have laying about in the fridge that needs to be used up!

9 – Courgette bake. If you want to get more vegetables down your kids this easy, cheesy bake is the perfect thing as they’ll hardly detect the goodness under all the cheese and flavour. Lay flat slices of courgette and top with cheese, tomato, ham and red onion then sprinkle on breadcrumbs for a quick, filling and nutritious lunch.

10 – Sweet potato and parsnip rosti topped with eggs. Grate a sweet potato and parsnip and lightly fry until cooked then top with a fried egg.