10 Ways To Calm Down A Toddler Having A Tantrum

Most toddlers throw tantrums when they’re tired, angry, frustrated, hungry or just plain bored but how can parents help to calm them down?


1 – Ignore them. This mainly works when at home or a controlled environment where they won’t cause too much of a nuisance to other people, ignoring them and not giving them the attention they want will soon make them stop or at least calm down.

2 – Acknowledge their feelings. Take on board the reason why your child is unhappy and try to find a happy medium.

3 – Develop a strategy. It can be easy to give into a child’s wants when they are screaming and crying but he strong and don’t give in as this only sets a bad example that by throwing a tantrum they can get what they want.

4 – Keep your cool. The last thing your child needs is for you to be angry with them, however tempting it may be to scream and shout at them keep your cool and they will mirror your calm behaviour.

5 – Find a distraction. Distract your toddler with a favourite toy, snack or a comforting hug.

6 – Set boundaries. Don’t give in to the child’s demands but provide comfort with words or affection to help calm the child.

7 – Remove your child from a stressful situation. If your child is causing a scene in public don’t give in to their demands, simply take them outside to calm down.

8 – Write down when tantrums occur so you can keep a record of how often the are happening. Tantrums are normal but if they’re happening pretty often and on the same days there could be a deeper issue to your child’s unhappiness.

9 – Nip them in the bud. Big tantrums often stem from little tantrums so it’s important to stop them before they develop into a much bigger issue.

10 – Ignore other people. It’s easy to get flustered if your child starts throwing a tantrum in public if people are staring but the most important thing in this situation is keeping your child calm so ignore everyone else around you and focus solely on your child.