Are Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression the same thing?

With the arrival of a new member of the family everything changes and a mother’s body, who’s already undergoing a lot of stress due to hormonal changes, has to adjust to a new routine which more often than not includes very little sleep. These circumstances often cause a lot of new, big feelings, often unknown and unexplainable. Such feelings are often not discussed because of the stigma surrounding mental health.

Baby Blues

Up to 80% of women get the baby blues; this is a normal feeling due to the body adjusting to its new condition. If you feel sad, weepy, worried and anxious don’t worry too much as it’s very common and it’s a normal reaction to a stressful condition. All you need is a bit of extra care and affection and in a couple of weeks’ time you’ll feel much better.

Postpartum Depression

One in seven women is affected by some form or other of Postpartum Depression, with symptoms that last for longer than two weeks. So if you feel chronically tired, hopeless, unable to rest and with a nagging feeling of having done something wrong, then do seek medical help. A professional will offer counselling and possibly some medication.

Mental health is very important, and if you feel like things are not right after having given birth, please don’t hesitate to talk to someone about it. It’s for your own good and your baby’s.